Life on an Arabian breeding farm in Capitan, NM.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jeeze Louise…

Who said it was ok to turn the refer on again. Two days of misty rain, cold weather is more than enough, and we’re supposed to get two more days. I did get some house cleaning done today, it was just too ugly to be outside. If tomorrow isn’t too bad I’ll go out, and work on extending my hen house. I have twelve (yes twelve) baby chicks in my bathroom in a dog crate that is rapidly getting way too small for them. I can’t put them in the hen house as I have two older hens left (giving me one egg every other day), and the babies will get pecked to death unless I make the run bigger. That is I will, providing mother is feeling better. Doc Si (Dr. Seidel) is going to try to come over to see her. Her pain is still not under control. I’m giving her way to much Tylenol, and the Cymbalta just isn’t doing it for her. The new medication Dr Simmons gave did wonders for her until he increased the dosage. Now she seems to be going backwards, rarely talks, and half the time doesn’t understand what you are telling her. I have a call in to him too.

In betwixt and between all this I have to get down to the barn somehow, and spend some serious time grooming. All of a sudden feet are all chipped, and of course they need excess fur brushed out. I need to work the tush off of LBM. Rudy was home for a quickie, and went out to see everyone. Not only was LBM a pain, trying to bite, but he also started to rear. Boy did he get the finger (index finger), not only from me, but from Rudy. He has been such a good boy, and then this. He needs a serious attitude adjustment unless he wants to have his huevos cut off. Bad behavior will not be tolerated especially in a stallion. Can you believe he’s 14.2 already? He doesn’t look it, but Rudy say’s it’s because he doesn’t have any body mass yet. He still has a baby body, he’s only two after all, and shedding out quite beautifully. He has his father’s hazel eyes, and strange white stripes down his face extending from his star. It’s so faint I don’t know if I can get a picture of it, but I will try. I noticed it when I was giving him what for after he started to rear.

I’ve got Marina back on Pergaloid, and she looks fantastic. Rudy said Sadie had a big tush (ok so Rudy used another word), which I’m quite proud of considering she was skinny as a rail until I brought her back to the barn. Lizzie is finally putting on some weight. Now she needs to be worked to get it in the right places. Angel won’t be leaving for CA until probably October, and I’m working with a friend (who finally got her place in Il) to have at least two of the girls shipped up there. That will reduce my feed bill by two, get them broke, and possibly shown. If she takes three of them, I may get her yearling pony stud colt (who’s not all that little) down here to raise. She doesn’t get along that well with boys. She might try to talk me into taking her stallion too, but I’d have to loose one more horse to have enough stall space. I don’t know how Rudy will react to that. A baby colt is one thing, a new stallion is something else entirely. We’ll just have to see how it all falls out.

My house is still a mess with excess boxes, and furniture, my taxes still aren't started let alone done, my desk is piled high with unopened mail (why open bills you can’t pay), and I still haven’t taken any new pictures. I have on the other hand kept my barn clean, and bought flowers for my porch, and garden such as it is. Have you ever heard of Chocolate mint? It’s glorious. I have five plants in my flowerbed that is full of grass, and weeds, and I intend to get more. Wal-Mart also has tons of beautiful snapdragon plants which I found out the deer don’t like either, so I plan to get some of those if there’s any left when I go back to town next. I bought three daylily roots, which I know the deer won’t touch, that I still have to plant. How I’m gong to accomplish any of this I have no clue. It’s kind of like how we are going to survive until I get a job when even our Cobra has run out. I have lots of faith, and if you don’t believe in faith lets say I pretend a lot. For instance, a hundred years ago when mother, and I would go to Tucson, we would always look at the gas gage after the fact instead of before. If there wasn’t enough gas we’d pretend we had enough, and sure enough we’d get to Tucson just fine. Call it a positive outlook on life. I’m positive that somehow God will provide (remember that my Friend!), and since I refuse to believe anything else, He has no choice but to do so. It would be just too embarrassing after all. At least that’s what I tell myself. Things will all work out, it just may take a while. Meanwhile I will pretend a lot. Who knows it just may work!